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Jungle Spectator

by Ill De Cabeza

Bombliss 03:06
Green Books 03:34
Beat Ramones 03:51
Moony 02:51
Noise Boost 03:25
EUPA 04:37
Junglist 03:12
My Daughter 03:58


Ill De Cabeza bombs the fucking rave with this bass-heavy gem. 'Jungle Spectator,' proves that Ill is anything but a spectator in bass music - blasting at full capacity, his LP is like a walk-through of some of the most powerful musical ideas to emerge from what could be deemed a 'history of hardcore;' including fast and vicious jungle beats, high-impact footwork kicks and rhythms, a cut up breakcore sensibility, - and some of the trax are even peppered with angry dubstep and crushing neuro synth sounds. AND, there's even some gabber artfully mixed into the whole thing!

Basically, if you haven't been listening to electronic music for the last ten years, you can put this album on and catch up pretty quickly - and get a pretty damn good idea as to where music is GOING. It blows everything else away, and it also stands as Japan's first contribution in the department of full-length footwork jungle albums....

To be honest, it will probably be a few years before the rest of the music world catches up with material like this. By that time, Ill de Cabeza will probably have already elevated his craft ten steps ahead of everyone else, again! If you haven't heard of this guy yet, you really need to take a listen as soon as possible.


released October 29, 2014

Music by Ill De Cabeza
Graphics by William Dunn


all rights reserved



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