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Crookz EP

by Big Bass Outlaws

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Spencer Thr33 acid bandit mastermindz combine to crush your speakers with brain sizzling hits at a nearly lethal dosage.
Fuck tha VIP 02:21
Acid Banditz 02:44


Now, fixin’ up, here are short biographies of each of the members of this bass super trio, the world's first group release a footwork breakcore album
The Big Bass Outlaws are an all-star trio of talented musicians who each bring something unique to the table. Warp provides the finely-combed and expertly mangled noise, QBass provides the breaks and the rhythmic knowledge, and 5ifty$ix K chops everything up and masterfully sequences it all together – with everyone having their say as to what direction the music will flow. Individual character biographies are below:

Warp (aka KillaFreq)

Warp is an avant-garde noise enthusiast (and former bank robber) from Oakland who invented thousands of audio manipulation techiques while spending time in prison when she was (finally) caught by the long arm of the law. Before breaking out of prison, she was known by her cellmates as, “Noise Bomba,” for her burglary techniques; namely, she would walk calmly into a bank with dozens of portable stereos attached to her arms, legs, and torso – and she would suddenly start blasting raw noise and feedback so loud it would terrify and shock everyone around her into submission as she went about her heist. She continued with these types of activities for several months until her tirade came to a halt as she tried, unsuccessfully, to rob a police station while under the influence of (a ‘heroic dose’ of) LSD. While travelling around on the lamb, she met up with StrangeFlow, and the two decided to combine talents.

5ifty$ix K (aka StrangeFlow)

Spending half of his time in Michigan, and the other half on the West Coast, StrangeFlow has had a long history of creating electronic music and hip hop, ever since he was a kid – but it wasn’t until he took on a new footwork moniker (5ifty$ix K), built the Dynasty Shit record label from the ground up, and created his signature sound (combining the intensity and meticulously cut-up style of breakcore with the musicality and street / dance aesthetics of juke/footwork) – that things started getting really crazy. A new chapter in electronic music had started, instantly attracting a cult group of fans. 5ifty had long considered forming a group, and it was at this particular moment in time that this new hardcore sound attracted the interest of a prolific DJ from Japan known only as QBass.

QBass (Qベース aka あまりにも多くのビート)

Qbass’ past is mostly a mystery, but what is known about him is that he came to the States from Japan a short time ago – ah, and also, that he has the biggest record collection on the planet. It’s not uncommon to hear snippets of hundreds of beats in a single recording by the Outlaws, though chances are good you won’t get to see most of his collection unless you get to know him pretty well, as he has multiple storage facilities and secret warehouses throughout the world where he keeps a majority of his old vinyl, tapes, and various recordings. Though, he always carries around a backpack with sound equipment and tons of beats he’s been working on. Q is a very low-key dude, but he definitely holds his own as a member of the Outlaws. Also – no, he doesn’t need to wear glasses; but yes, those glasses do help with his vision…

The Big Bass Outlaws are a hardcore bass collective, and the first group to rep the footwork/breakcore sound that they’re known for – and they also rep the Dynasty Shit record label as hard as fucking possible! – that is, until they inevitably get completely shut down, either for their radical noise-fused bass music or for their blatant disregard for the law… It’s extremely illegal to sell a full gallon of liquid LSD – but even more illegal to do it twice, and for this reason, they really are outlaws, shadowed by law enforcement and always on the lamb.

The group’s location can never be publically known, as they are constantly dodging the police, staying with sympathetic friends and fans, moving from safe house to safe house across the country, every week in a different city. If you’re at all interested in listening to any of their music, I suggest you do it as soon as possible, before it gets permanently banned and the group is thrown in prison.


released July 27, 2014

5ifty$ix K (aka StrangeFlow)
QBass (Qベース aka あまりにも多くのビート)
Warp (aka KillaFreq)


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